How To Choose The Perfect Candle Scent

Are you considering shopping for candles but do not know which scents to get? Choosing the right candle scents can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know the major fragrance categories in the market. This guide will explain the four major fragrance categories so you can start picking the right candle scent like a pro.

Fragrance Categories

1.    Floral

If you love the sweet, rich scents of gardens, then candles with floral scents would be a good match for you. These candles often come with scents like mango, rose, peach, lily, or melon. If you are a fan of floral scent candles, we recommend checking out our fruit loop cereal candles

2.    Fresh

If you like scents from natural sources like leaves, herbs, or fruits, you would likely love candles with fresh fragrance. These candles have scents like aromatic herbs, green tea, or harvest fruits like apples or cranberries.

3.    Woody

There are also candles with woody scents for those who want something a bit more masculine. Unlike candles with floral or fresh fragrances that smell sweet, these candles have scents like cedar, leather, or smoky tobacco.

4.    Exotic

If you want fragrances that make rooms feel like an instant escape, you should consider candles with exotic scents. These candles come with scents like cinnamon, sandalwood, nutmeg, or vanilla. If this sounds like a scent you would love, you should check out our French vanilla candles.

We hope you find our guide handy. Good luck shopping for the perfect candle

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