Simple Ways To Use Candles For Self-Care

Self-care is currently one of the most popular words in the wellness industry. It covers every aspect of our health and doesn’t cost money to practice. Today, we will walk you through how to take care of yourself more by adding candles to your self-care practice.

Let’s get started!

Four Ways To Incorporate Candles Into Your Self-Care Routine

1.    Meditation

Meditation is a simple self-care practice that improves mental well-being, reduces negative thoughts, relieves stress, and builds self-awareness. Burning candles can help you create the right atmosphere for your meditation session. Plus, the scents from candles can help you focus and relax better.

2.    Yoga

Yoga is another great way to care for yourself mentally and physically. It can improve your flexibility, muscle strength, and sleep quality. You can create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your yoga sessions and liven up your routine by burning candles.

3.    Reading

Reading is also a fun and effective self-care practice that you can use to escape from the present moment. Lighting up a candle can get you in the mood to read and make it even more relaxing.

4.    Take a warm shower or bath

A long, warm bath is another perfect self-care activity to relax your body and mind. Research suggests it balances serotonin levels, reduces stress hormones, and releases endorphins. Lighting a candle during bath time will fill your bathroom with a delightful aroma and help your mind relax even better.

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